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Warren Birchley


Warren Birchley

Warren joined the Old Boys as a work colleague of Tony Moscrop, and came with the apparent pedigree of someone who had played at a higher level and should find things very easy at our level. After some good performances and a few goals (well a bit of huffing and puffing round the pitch and a couple of tap ins…), Warren took on the mantle of First Team Skipper and soon realised (after a honeymoon period of several wins on the bounce), that motivating a load of hungover, unfit, 30-somethings like himself was a lot harder than anticipated, as was basic requirements such as giving refreshments to the opposition or sending in the results form on time.

He offered his resignation on several occasions, all times rejected, as the Director of Football at the time had every reason to believe he would get it right eventually (and had nothing to do with no-one else wanting the job), and showing just how good a Director of Football the club had…the team were relegated as a at the end of the season.

Warren then found a role much more to his liking, that of Social Secretary, organising trips to Ascot and to drinking establishments. Away from the Old Boys, Wozza supported Millwall, so could always be relied upon for intelligent football comment.