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Thomas Canedi


Thomas Canedi

Tommy, a beautiful, tanned, handsome Italian man, joined the Old Boys and as usual, when we didn’t know where to play a new player, we stuck him out on the wing and hoped he’d do ok. He did ok, but then revealed he was really a centre-back and had played there at a decent schoolboy level. From then he never looked back and was a fixture at the back for the Old Boys First Team.

Tommy was a little bit older than most of the team, playing into his early 40s, not that anyone would have noticed as he was easily fitter than everyone else at the club – the vision of him elegantly striding ahead on our pre-season runs with Chris O’Reilly chasing him in second place was a sight to behold. Other players would do fitness sessions with him in hope of completing even half of what he could do.

He was also better looking than everyone…everything about the man was just beautiful. One time he brought his wife and kids up the pub, and they were beautiful as well. He really was a lovely fella. Then he got an injury and he had to stop playing, but he’d still show up at socials and still looked just beautiful.

Then someone dug up an old photo of him with blond streaky highlights in his hair and the image was completely shattered.