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Ruairi O’Shea


Ruairi O'Shea

Ruairi, like many of the Old Boys, made his debut while still a student. No-one had a clue how his name was actually pronounced, but since the Old Boys are usually pretty silent on the pitch, it’s doubtful anyone noticed.

He quickly became a vital link between the club and the college for finding not-too-hungover students on a Saturday morning to fill in spaces left by far-too-hungover absent players. He missed much of 2012/3 due to injury, but made the most of his time out judging by how much weight he’d put on when he returned. He also used his injury as an excuse for the bizarre habit of wearing tights in boiling hot weather.

Claiming that he always wanted to run a football team, Ruairi took over as Reserve Team Manager, and despite an encouraging start, the results fell away. Needing some inspiration from their player manager, Ruairi inspired his team instead by simply not turning up.