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Phil Rollings


Phil Rollings

Midfielder Phil joined the club and added intelligent movement and passing to the 1st XI ranks. Often played wide in his early games, he favoured the no.10 or attacking midfield role where he could try and play the killer pass or narrowly miss goalscoring opportunities.

Always an honest lad, in 2015 Phil came to realise that he was struggling to come to terms with the pace of Surrey Intermediate League football, and needed to drop down a few levels to find his feet. With the promise of football fields paved with gold, Premier League coaching, and a nice write-up on a club website describing him as being able to create and score in abundance, Phil joined a club in the Kingston and District Premier League, around the level where Sam Meadows scored double figures.

At the start of season 2016/7, rumour had it that Phil had decided he preferred football fields paved with grass and was returning to the Old Boys to prove once and for all that he was the goalscoring attacking midfielder the club needed. On the opening day of the season, he took his chance and powered in a hat-trick. Surely the worry that he wasn’t good enough to play at this level was in the same distant past as Reading playing Premier League football.

Then the Old Boys played the same opposition a few weeks later and put nine past them including a Michael O’Grady hat-trick…