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Omar Saleem


Omar Saleem

A player who represented the Old Boys while still a student, Omar was a solid defender and enthusiastic player who after graduating, went to seek fame and fortune stateside. On returning, with tales of coaching progression with New York Red Bulls, Omar took on the more challenging task of coaching the Old Boys and turning them into a force in the Surrey Intermediate League.

While back in the UK, Omar combined his Old Boys coaching duties with working with Fulham, always happy to pass on his experience of working with coaches like Roy Hodgson and Mark Hughes as a respected technical coach. He returned to the US for a time to further his career with the Red Bulls before returning to work in the Premier League with Queens Park Rangers.

Despite his efforts with the Old Boys, his frustration at being unable to lift the players to the level he required saw him depart to set up a new team in South West London, where they were successful in winning leagues and cups at a level appropriate to his coaching CV (which can be found in the fiction department of your nearest library).