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Oli Conde


Oli Conde

Oli was in footballing terms, a good honest pro (except of course the Old Boys have never been anywhere near the professional game but you know what we mean). Always happy to fit into the managers latest formation and play overlapping wing-back-forward without a hint of complaint. Worked hard in training, he was always one of the lads up the pub after the game having a pint and an input in the post-match discussions.

Once he had the ball under control (which could take some time) he was a stylish player with a full range of back passes, perfect for the defensive shield role that became a favourite despite his inability to tackle. However he did have an attacking side, winning the Reserve team’s Goal of the Season trophy for a fine left footed strike that proved that if you have enough 25 yard efforts in a game, one is eventually going to hit the target.

Away from the Old Boys, Oli was involved in handing over the Olympic Stadium to West Ham but got into trouble for failing to suppress his amusement at a presentation by Karren Brady, which suggested her club would be in the Champions League for when they moved in.