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Marco Bianco


Marco Bianco

Marco came to the club as a work mate of Chiefy’s, a player of undoubted quality (he was apparently on the schoolboy books of Lazio), so surely a player to lead the club out of mediocrity and onto bigger and better things.

Things didn’t quite work out that way, due to a succession of injuries, and more to the point, the fact that the Surrey Intermediate League will bring anyone down to its own special level. Nevertheless, in his later role, he saw to it that the unfit thirty-somethings of Old Boys football were at least a little fitter and better trained, by taking on the first official club coach role.

Marco’s choice of training kit always rose eyebrows, there are very few players who could get away with wearing all over lycra. Still, whenever we took the piss, you could guarantee that Marco would always have the last laugh, as he was also very good at telling people to do very rude things in Italian.