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Joe Gilliland


Joe Gilliland

Joe came to the club with a reputation of refined, continental style play. Admirers talked of his patient approach to the game, his level headed and balanced resolution of conflict situations, they boasted that he had never received a booking, and was a founding member of the FA’s highly regarded Respect campaign.

Quickly Joe established himself as the new breed of Old Boy, fresh from his watered down New Labour A Levels, and an advocate of equal opportunities, his involvement extended to all areas of the club. Many said that he touched their lives with his inspirational grunts and expletives, perfectly timed for maximum effect. Famously prudent, with an eye for the ladies and ill matching outfits with Simon Cowell-esque waistlines, Joe was known to have full length debates with Towny without using a single word. He was set for a long future with the club, before his cultural strengths were called upon on the far side of the Atlantic.

Oh, and he was an absolute savage.