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Frank Nkrumah


Frank Nkrumah

Frank emerged from the rough, tough streets of Plumstead to have a distinguished college football career that far exceeded the expectations of a man with such limited ball control. The midfield maestro didn’t enrol in the Old Boys ranks immediately after graduation, so upon his return, there was much hope his ability would have improved, and the hope was raised with a magnificent debut goal denied by a highly dubious offside call.

A playing style that could be described as enthusiastic and hard working, Frank covered many a mile in his Old Boys career, and accidentally made his mark on many an opponents foot as he tried to make his out-of-control limbs do what they were supposed to. Always the first to apologise for a bad tackle, he probably went a little too far on one occasion when apologising to an opponent who had just stamped on his leg. The apologies continued when Frank took over as treasurer in 2006 and nearly put the club of business – this wouldn’t have been so worrying had it not been for the fact that Frank’s day job is…an accountant.

After the arrival of mini Nkrumahs, Frank’s appearances became fewer, always declaring that his fitness is not what it was, but that he would definitely be back for pre-season training.