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Dave McGregor


Dave McGregor

Local lad Davey Mac joined the club having come down to watch the club a few times as a mate of Adam Norwood. It’s unclear whether Dave thought the viewing was so exciting he felt he had to join in, or that it was so bad he thought he couldn’t do any worse. Dave’s early performances in the Reserves were encouraging with a goal and a man of the match performance as a flying right winger.

We’re not quite sure what happened since then. Dave picked up some niggling injuries and lost his form, and though he made his first XI debut in an injury hit line-up, he also managed to produce one of the worse ever misses seen in the history of the club in an away win at a terrible Bedfont side. Away from the Old Boys, Dave is a supporter of both Arsenal and Reading, which caused him a great deal of confusion when they ended up playing each other in both the Premier League and the FA Cup.

Always willing to help out, Dave took on the role of Reserve team captain in 2014-5, and oversaw some encouraging performances (mostly with him on the sidelines) and started losing his hair. Since those days, Dave’s availability reduced as he has to regularly babysit his dog, and then he got hitched in a skirt and wasted no time in producing a little McGregor.

He is now the club’s social secretary and also looks after the prediction and fantasy leagues and is always on the ball on a Friday to remind the lads to get their predictions in and update their teams. He also does his best to put in the occasional appearance on the pitch, although he does also have the commitment of being the youngest ever participant at walking football, and continues to pick up bizarre injures, such as recently tripping over a stairgate and falling down the stairs.