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Damon Baylie


Damon Baylie

Damon came to the club during his final year of university, introduced by Andy VC, some have suggested as a cruel joke before the latter went travelling. This has not turned out to be the case. With a lightning turn of pace, and a shot that has been known to kill, his goalscoring feats for the Reserves in season 2006/7 became legendary.

Despite his inability to drink like a man, and an ability to talk to himself despite being in a conversation, Damon is a proud Old Boy who will consistently give his all to the club (when allowed out).

Famously dropped and excommunicated from the 1st XI for missing a game to have a ‘tribal’ tattoo on his arm, he has battled his way back into the team and had proved to be an excellent left back, (providing someone tells him when and where to run). The Old Boys resident pin up, when not playing he can be found in fields throughout Hampshire without a top on…