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Craig Clarke


Craig Clarke

The invisible man of the Holloway team, as he was very rarely on the pitch. When he was, he usually only lasted about twenty minutes before going down in a heap and being stretchered off, usually to the nearest MFI or Homebase to pick up some decorating tools for the Sunday DIY stint.

Seriously though, a frustrating knee injury kept ‘sick note’ on the sidelines for rather too long, and under his girlfriend’sĀ feet rather too much, and it wouldn’t have been so bad had he not picked up the injury by actually putting in his hardest ever tackle and coming out second best.

Happily, he returned to the playing side for one last hurrah and also took on the role of fixtures secretary, before retiring to produce kids in his stately home in the Surrey countryside. Recently, rumours that he now has a greying hairline have been denied.