Player Profile

Chris Woods


With the Reserves struggling for players, one of the Sky Sports lads offered to bring a mate along…a lad called Chris Woods. The Old Boys players were positively buzzing, expecting a former England international goalkeeper who was likely to prove handy on the pitch as well. What they got was a pint-sized Tom Daley lookalike with slightly less pace.

Nevertheless, after winning a regular place in the Reserves, Woodsy has now established himself in the 1st team squad with consistent performances down the right-hand side (although he does get a nosebleed any time he gets near the opposition goal).

Nicknamed the ‘Silent Assassin’ with well timed put-downs on anyone trying to give him a bit of lip, Woodsy’s perma-tan suggests he spends his time away from football on the beach or in the tanning salon, and not as Sky Sports News HQ, reporting┬ábreaking news on his twitter feed approximately two minutes after you’ve seen it on Sky Sports.